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I do not perform Hindu worship services, nor do I offer the Muslim prayers.
I have taken the One Formless Lord into my heart; I humbly worship Him there. || 3 ||
I am neither a Hindu, or a Mussalmaan.
My body and breath of life belong to One God, who is both Allah and Raam. || 4 ||
(Bhairao, Guru Arjan Dev Ji, SGGS P1136)

The word 'Sikh' means a 'disciple'. A Sikh is a person who believes in One God and follows physically, spiritually and intellectually the teachings of the Ten Gurus, enshrined in the Guru Granth Sahib Jee, the Sikh Holy Book, and also treats Guru Granth Saaheb Jee as his living Guide. Additionally, he or she must partake in Pahul, the Sikh Baptism.

Sikh Philosophy and Beliefs:
    Spiritual Philosophy and Beliefs.
    Brief Historical Background
The Turban of the Sikhs:
    Symbol of Spirituality and Honour
The Sword of the Sikhs:
    Symbol of Power and Dignity
Khalsa Bolla :
    Language of the Sikhs
Guru Ka Langar :
    The Community Kitchen