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Interpretation in English :


I carry the water, wave the fan, and grind the corn for the Saints;
I sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord of the Universe.
With each and every breath, my mind remembers the Naam, the Name of the Lord;
in this way, it finds the treasure of peace.
|| 1 ||
Have pity on me, O my Lord and Master.
Bless me with such understanding, O my Lord and Master, that I may forever and ever meditate on You.
|| 1 ||
Pause || By Your Grace, emotional attachment and egotism are eradicated, and doubt is dispelled.
The Lord, the embodiment of bliss, is pervading and permeating in all;
wherever I go, there I see Him.
|| 2 ||
You are kind and compassionate, the treasure of mercy, the Purifier of sinners, Lord of the world.
I obtain millions of joys, comforts and kingdoms, if You inspire me to chant Your Name with my mouth, even for an instant.
|| 3 ||
That alone is perfect chanting, meditation, penance and devotional worship service, which is pleasing to Godís Mind.
Chanting the Naam, all thirst and desire is satisfied;
Nanak is satisfied and fulfilled.
|| 4 || 10 ||

(This HukamNama occurs on Ang: 673 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.)

Q: Why doesn't the above HukamNama contain any spaces between words ?

A: The HukamNama is displayed in the same manner as the Gurbani appears in the Puratan Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, at Sri Darbar Sahib.   For more details, please read the article titled GURU GRANTH SAHIB - PAD-CHHED PRINTING section under Gurmat Articles.

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