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Interpretation in English :


I chant and vibrate the Name of the Lord God, the Supreme Being, Har, Har;
my poverty and problems have all been eradicated.
The fear of birth and death has been erased, through the Word of the Guruís Shabad;
serving the Unmoving, Unchanging Lord, I am absorbed in peace.
|| 1 ||
O my mind, vibrate the Name of the most Beloved, Darling Lord.
I have dedicated my mind and body, and placed them in offering before the Guru;
I have sold my head to the Guru, for a very dear price.
|| 1 ||
Pause || The kings and the rulers of men enjoy pleasures and delights, but without the Name of the Lord, death seizes and dispatches them all.
The Righteous Judge of Dharma strikes them over the heads with his staff, and when the fruits of their actions come into their hands, then they regret and repent.
|| 2 ||
Save me, save me, Lord;
I am Your humble servant, a mere worm.
I seek the Protection of Your Sanctuary, O Primal Lord, Cherisher and Nourisher.
Please bless me with the Blessed Vision of the Saintís Darshan, that I may find peace.
O God, please fulfill the desires of Your humble servant.
|| 3 ||
You are the All-powerful, Great, Primal God, my Lord and Master.
O Lord, please bless me with the gift of humility.
Servant Nanak has found the Naam, the Name of the Lord, and is at peace;
I am forever a sacrifice to the Naam.
|| 4 || 2 ||

(This HukamNama occurs on Ang: 731 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.)

Q: Why doesn't the above HukamNama contain any spaces between words ?

A: The HukamNama is displayed in the same manner as the Gurbani appears in the Puratan Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, at Sri Darbar Sahib.   For more details, please read the article titled GURU GRANTH SAHIB - PAD-CHHED PRINTING section under Gurmat Articles.

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