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Interpretation in English :


One who has the Lord of the Universe as his help and support is blessed with all peace, poise and bliss;
no afflictions cling to him.
|| 1 ||
Pause || He appears to keep company with everyone, but he remains detached, and Maya does not cling to him.
He is absorbed in love of the One Lord;
he understands the essence of reality, and he is blessed with wisdom by the True Guru.
|| 1 ||
Those whom the Lord and Master blesses with His kindness, compassion and mercy are the sublime and sanctified Saints.
Associating with them, Nanak is saved;
with love and exuberant joy, they sing the Glorious Praises of the Lord.
|| 2 || 3 || 7 ||

(This HukamNama occurs on Ang: of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.)

Q: Why doesn't the above HukamNama contain any spaces between words ?

A: The HukamNama is displayed in the same manner as the Gurbani appears in the Puratan Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, at Sri Darbar Sahib.   For more details, please read the article titled GURU GRANTH SAHIB - PAD-CHHED PRINTING section under Gurmat Articles.

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