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Interpretation in English :


He did not take my accounts into account;
such is His forgiving nature.
He gave me His hand, and saved me and made me His own;
forever and ever, I enjoy His Love.
|| 1 ||
The True Lord and Master is forever merciful and forgiving.
My Perfect Guru has bound me to Him, and now, I am in absolute ecstasy.
|| Pause ||
The One who fashioned the body and placed the soul within, who gives you clothing and nourishment ó He Himself preserves the honor of His slaves.
Nanak is forever a sacrifice to Him.
|| 2 || 16 || 44 ||

(This HukamNama occurs on Ang: 619 of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji.)

Q: Why doesn't the above HukamNama contain any spaces between words ?

A: The HukamNama is displayed in the same manner as the Gurbani appears in the Puratan Saroop of Guru Granth Sahib Ji, at Sri Darbar Sahib.   For more details, please read the article titled GURU GRANTH SAHIB - PAD-CHHED PRINTING section under Gurmat Articles.

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