On this Day in Sikh History

Saturday, December 9th, 2023 / ੨੪ ਮੱਘਰ, ਨਾਨਕਸ਼ਾਹੀ ੫੫੫

1979 Khalsa Dal demanded that Amritsar be declared a "Holy City."
1988 Jathedar Balbir Singh was killed by Sikh Kharkoos, he was accused or being a traitor to the Panth.

ਜਿਨ੍‍ ਕੇ ਬੰਕੇ ਘਰੀ ਨ ਆਇਆ ਤਿਨ੍‍ ਕਿਉ ਰੈਣਿ ਵਿਹਾਣੀ ॥੬॥ (ਆਸਾ ਮਹਲਾ ੧ - ਅੰਗ ੪੧੮)

Extrajudicial killings and disappearances in Punjab by Indian Authorities during the 1980's - 90's as documented by ENSAAF

1990Extrajudicial execution of Satnam Singh
Bhumbli, Gurdaspur, Gurdaspur
1991Extrajudicial execution of Lakhwinder Singh
Taragarh, Batala, Gurdaspur
1992Extrajudicial execution of Amrik Singh
Devi Dasspura, Amritsar I, Amritsar
1992Extrajudicial execution of Nishan Singh (between December 9, 1992 and December 11,1992 )
Chuhangh, Baba Bakala, Amritsar

Details of the dissapearance for hundereds of other individuals could never be fully ascertained.

Source: ENSAAF Crimes Against Humanity in Punjab, India